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Convergence by Thomas Settimi
ISBN 1-4196-6151-5    352 pp, paperback and eBook

The feathery white ribbons in the sky above Adams County, Pennsylvania, were nothing unusual—just the vapor trail evidence of high-flying aircraft that one might see on any day. But for the men on the ground below they were a puzzlement. And no wonder: the year was 1863 and the men were Confederate soldiers marching toward the most significant battle of the American Civil War.

Thousands of miles away and 105 years later, Navy pilot Nathaniel Booth and his navigator complete their air mission over Laos and are headed back to the deck of the USS Enterprise when their aircraft mysteriously vanishes. Our hero Booth is declared Missing In Action. Years later when Rose Booth, the family matriarch, learns that her son may not have been a casualty of the war as previously believed, she enlists a prominent history professor and his protégé to uncover the truth.

In this carefully researched historical novel the author traces the path of our hero as he faces the unfamiliar challenges of life and times from an era in American history long past.
Roswell 1947 by Thomas Settimi ROSWELL 1947
ISBN 0-6158-2917-1    222 pp, paperback and eBook

After helping solve the very strange case of a Vietnam-era pilot caught up in a cosmic disruption in time and space as described in the author's novel Convergence (ISBN 1419661515), Professor Roger Atwood and Amanda Marshall are off on a new quest. In 1947, Colonel Dieter Hedrick was a young lieutenant serving in the Public Information Office at Roswell Army Air Field, New Mexico. As one of the last surviving witnesses to the strange events that occurred in July of that year, he calls upon investigative reporter, Amanda Marshall, to tell his story of the Roswell Incident.
Upon hearing the Colonel's compelling, yet incomplete, account of the events that occurred more than sixty years ago, Amanda enlists the assistance of Professor Roger Atwood to settle the issue once and for all. Were we really visited by aliens? Was there a government cover-up?

In this novel based on the often-told story and speculation surrounding the Roswell Incident, the author presents a startling alternative explanation for one of the most controversial events of the last century. 
Beak of the Turtle BEAK OF THE TURTLE
ISBN-13: 978-0692210802    236 pp, paperback and eBook
They came from the stars—from a place in the night sky known to the ancients as the Beak of the Turtle. They came to earth in search of their roots and found a civilization that had just begun to stir.  
Many alliances were forged with the early people of earth, yet the Visitors encountered hostility from a few—those with iniquity in their hearts, driven by envy and jealousy.  
This is the story of ancient aliens and the quest of modern day investigators to find and interpret the evidence they left behind 4,600 years ago.

  Copyright © 2015 Thomas Settimi